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Can you guys recommend a climbing rose for a trellis?

12 years ago

Hello guys, my brother and I just took down the wisteria vine from the trellis. It has gotten to big and looks really messy. We cut it with a chainsaw. It still has the main trunk, but we going to dig that up tomorrow. My mom wanted to put another type of climbing rose on the trellis. She already has the lady bank rose on one of the trellis. She wants to add this one ( I added a picture below) to the trellis. However, it's blooming right now. We don't want to cut it and replant it during this time. She wants to buy a new one just like that one to plant. I told her that the Eden rose looks very nice. I don't know if its a hardy plant. We stay in Houston, Tx. Can you guys recommend me a hardy climbing rose species that can withstand Houston's hot climate.{{gwi:233374}}

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