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Did I ruin my pond by using topsoil?

10 years ago

Just finished putting my pond in over the weekend but now I'm wondering if I didn't make a terrible mistake. If you look at the pic, there is an 8" planting shelf around most of the pond. I filled this with a 60/40 play sand/topsoil mix - about 5" worth before I ran out. It was bagged topsoil - the cheapest I could find figuring it would have the least amount of organic materials. Now I read that I should have used clay, which I have a ton of leftover from the excavation.

I was supposed to get the aquatic plants later in the week - blue flag, golden club, great blue lobelia, pickerelweed, scouring rush - but I'm wondering if I should try to dig everything back out and try again with a sand/clay mix???

Any advice?

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