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Should I install a preformed pond or pond liner?

13 years ago

Hello, I am interested in having a pond installed, but not sure if I should go with a preformed pond or liner pond. I had a 15 x 8 pond with waterfall, that used the aquascape system at my old house. I had problems with the pumping housing separating from the wall when the ground freezed and thawed, creating leaks. Also, the maintenance seemed to get pricer over the years, due to shifting and settling of the rocks. Is the maintenance less with the preformed ponds? Do the preformed ponds shift or push up from the ground due to the freezing and thawing? What are the pros and cons of both? I got a price of approximately $10,000.00 for a liner pond approximately 12 x 8. That seemed a bit pricey. Is that what ponds are going for these days?

Thanks so much for your anticpated response. Susan

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