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Witch Hazel, Arnold's Promise

12 years ago

This is my 3rd year with this plant. First, it was very expensive. 2nd, it grows so so slow (though I always hear the saying, first year they sleep, second crawl, third leap... though I doubt this is a "leaping" shrub.

I'm not impressed with it's flowers this year. They don't seem fragrant (last year they were, I'm sure). They don't cover the branches, some top branches bare.

Are there some years that this isn't too impressive? It's in sun, on a slope, protected from winds. I thought I gave it enough water... but does it need "ample water"?

Near fall, the ends of leaves were browning (drought everywhere, thus not enough water)and dropped early. Should it be moved to a place where I water often? What is the best "siting" for this slow growing shrub?

Thanks for any advice!

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