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Need good shrub for front of house

11 years ago

I need something really special for the front of my house right next to the front door. Location is Madison, WI so it's cold in the winter but this is my most sheltered spot. Soil is alkaline, fairly dry as it is next to the roof overhang. Something about 4 feet wide to about 4-6 feet tall would be good. The theme of the bed is burgundy with most plants having either burgundy leaves or flowers. The anchor shrub on the other end of the foundation bed is a purple smokebush. The current resident of this spot is a rose that grew a bit too big this year and started encroaching on the front steps which is a bit dangerous with a rose. I'd like something fragrant that still looks good when out of flower. A shrub would be best as most of the other plants that I've tried take a while to get going in the spring and the spot doesn't look very good for a while.

Would a tree peony work? Klehm's Songsparrow has one called Burgundy Wine that looks good. I was also considering the new reblooming lilac.

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