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Good shrub for home entrance?

13 years ago

Need some advice from you gurus here!

I am staying in my brother's house in Arcadia (near LA) for several days. He hasn't completed his garden design yet so I am trying to help.

He has an entrance with a low wall (2' tall). It's light brown color. Behind the wall, there was originally only grass, we are thinking about putting some beautiful shrub there (preferably shorter than 5'), but we are not sure what plants grow well and look beautiful here. The location receives morning sun but not afternoon sun.

Can anyone please advise what plant(s) is gorgeous for front entrance decoration? Maybe a plant with big flowers? Or maybe a plant with colorful leaves? I guess the plant better has leaves on in the winter as it's the front of the garden.

Have thought about Japanese maple or hydrangea but the leaves fall in the winter it seems. Roses need more sun to bloom well.

Your advice will be highly appreciated!



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