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Seed starting questions about soil mix and other Qs

11 years ago

(I'm reposting this since it was added under a previous thread)

This is my second year starting seeds (first year was herbs and easy stuff). This year I'm using Jiffy organic seed starting mix. Has anyone used this? It doesn't seem to soak up water from the bottom- so in a panic (well after waiting 2 hrs to see if the water did indeed get soaked up)I started using a spray bottle. The water just beads on the top. Maybe it soaks through but the mix doesn't seem very wet. I'm also thinking that I think the mix needs to be wet for the seeds, but I've read here that people are saying moist?

Last year I used an expensive mix from a nursery and had no problems except a bit of green mold stuff. I've heard that chamomile tea helps with this?

Oh- I still don't know whether to use the dome or not? I have the Jiffy plastic set under a grow light.

And- I noticed today that I have extremely small grey bugs in the soil of some herb pots I overwintered. Would anyone know what these are and if I should get rid of the herbs since I will try to start peppers and tomatoes for the first time this week- so excited but nervous too.

I did hear from Dan that I needed to soak the mix with warm water and then add to dome, some say overnight. But, if I didn't do this does that mean this batch of seeds is ruined?

I have bought a new mix- Fox Farm warrior seed starting mix. This too might have been a mistake. Would I soak the mix overnight, wring out and then plant in cells for my pepper and tomato seeds? I've checked the site info and says the same as Jiffy- wet mix before planting.

Or, is there a good mix I should buy for peppers and tomatoes? I bought a lot of great seeds this year and will be sad if nothing starts.

sorry for the mini panic. thanks.

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