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Build a Skippy or buy a Savio pre-made biofilter?

13 years ago

OK, I talked to the people at Skippy about what I actually need as far as biofilters and pumps. I need 2 150 gal skippies, each with their own Hy-drive 4800 gph pump. (Oh my gosh, I am sounding more knowledgable...)

This is for my 9000 gallon pool to pond.

It sounded great and I was pricing the pumps online (and dang if there are not HUGE price differences out there!), when I came across the Savio Livingponds Bio-Filter. It was tempting me, but is it really as good as or better than a skippy? It costs more, but would it be just as good? Maybe less work to make?

What do you experts think?

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