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koi feeding

13 years ago

I also posted this on American Ponders so I apologize if you've seen it twice!

I finally got my pond going and have introduced 3 koi and 2 shubunkins about 3 weeks ago. Everyone appears happy and healthy and eating fairly well.

I would eventually like to get my koi to learn to eat out of my hand. But, right now, they won't eat when I'm anywhere near the pond. I think shadows are spooking them. I have to throw their food and step back. It will usually take them anywhere from one minute to 5 minutes to start feeding after the food is thrown to them. Then, they will eat very slowly, take a bit of food - swim to the bottom, swim around in circles nearing the surface like they are ready for more and then dart away at the last second. They are very skittish about coming to the surface to eat! I tried flakes hoping that as they sank, they'd feel more comfortable eating them but they want NOTHING to do with the flakes.

How long will they behave like this? Is there anything I can do to help encourage them to eat in front of me. If I try to stand closer to the pond, nope they won't eat so I end up walking away so they will at least eat! I'm never going to get them used to my presence if I have to stand away from the pond or walk away entirely to get them to eat. I have seen nothing that even begins to resemble a feeding frenzy in my pond much less ever having hope that they will eat from my hand - or even near me for that matter.

The weird thing is that I know they are very curious. The first week and a half they were in the pond I was in there with them a lot rearranging rocks, etc. I would turn around and there they would be 4 inches from my legs just watching. When ever I move a rock or do something along the water edge, as soon as I leave, there they all are checking out what I just did.

Sorry for the long winded post. I would just like to make friends with my fish being the bleeding heart animal lover that I am! :-)

Thanks for your input!

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