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Bare Root Roses

12 years ago

I've not had a lot of time to go out shopping, but Green Thumb has only Star Roses "bare roots" this year and only in the "biodegradable" paper pulp pots. OK, but I'm not looking for one of their varieties. Armstrong has a wider selection, but again, only in pulp pots. I found West Valley Nursery in Tarzana at 19035 Ventura Blvd has Star, J&P and Week's honest to goodness BARE ROOTS in boxes and cans of saw dust! I was looking for two climbers for a client and didn't want to have to order them by mail. I could get one of them from Armstrong in the pulp pot for $24.99. I found it already well developed in a five gallon and nearly five feet of growth on it for $29.99 at West Valley. I couldn't find the other climber anywhere, yet they had it as a HUGE bare root with 5 thick canes and nearly 10" of roots for $16.98! They don't have everything, but they do have a very nice selection from all three names. When I can't find it anywhere, I know they'll have it. Very eclectic selection of nursery stock, pots, orchids and chemicals. Not "cheap" but usually in line with what you expect to pay where they have what you want and KNOW what they're talking about! Kim

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