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fish death, please take a look (pics)

14 years ago

I went out to my above ground pond this morning and found our 3 year old baby koi floating. All of the adults are alive. I took some pictures. It was pretty slimy, but I don't know if that was from being dead or not. It also had some red/orangeish fluid leaking from it's anal opening.



Here are the circumstances that may or may not have had an effect.

I got some water hyacinths from LiveAquaria last week and didn't even think before I just plopped them in the pond. I suppose I should have rinsed them off, right?

At the same time, I cleaned out the skippy and found some strange little creatures in the filter material. At first, I thought they might have been fry, but I put one under a magnifier and it looked more like a little segmented worm with a fatter rear end, maybe some sort of egg casing, maybe just an oddly shaped worm. They were only about 3cm long. The one under the magnifier was still alive and moving.


We have had a crazy spring, wildly fluctuating temps. The water had gotten up to about 65 degrees, then we had tons of rain and wind and the temp dropped rapidly to about 57 or 58. I saw one of the adults being very sluggish amongst the lily pads yesterday and just figured it was really cold. After I found the baby this morning, I put the stock tank heater back in there.

So, any thoughts on why the fish died? Any suggestions? Or was it just bad luck and didn't really have anything to do with any other circumstances? Any idea what the things were in the filter?

Thanks for looking. I was just telling my dad last night how helpful the GW people are, but didn't think I'd be needing help again so soon!

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