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Orchids I just had to save! What do you think?

9 years ago

Yes, friends!

Would you believe they were still selling them for 12.95 when I saw them today, so I mustered enough courage to ask for a discount and they only offered them to me for 9.99.

I again asked them for more discount, and gave them a price of 2.50 pointing out all the dead roots and telling them they wouldn't make it if they sat there for yet another day. They listened!

So here you go, step by step of what I did and I pray these poor little things make it. I figured it was time for me to atone for my sins, since I once again bought more plants on the weekend. Toni, it's all your

This is what they are



Look at the sick dried out roots. And the salt damage!


So I soaked them in very warm water and yes, saw some live roots, although not much.



Got my mix ready consisting of fir bark, bark, and hydroton


Cut all the dead roots away


And potted them up



I hope they do ok, what do you think? Will they be ok and have I atoned for my sins?


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