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A Mystery Rose. Autumn Sunset?

14 years ago

Last Friday I put up a blog post with photos and a description of a yellow rose that I have been unable to identify. I admit that I'm not too good with modern roses, which I think this rose may be.

A reader commented that he/she thought the mystery rose may be Autumn Sunset. I looked carefully at the photos of AS on HMF, and it looks like we have a viable candidate.

I don't grow Autumn Sunset, so online photos are all I have to use for comparison. If you grow Autumn Sunset, or are familiar with it in person, will you please take a look at the photos linked below to see what you think.

This rose has been a mystery for me for WAY too long. Any assistance I can get with this will be very much appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mystery Rose Blog Post

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