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Query re: Phalaenopsis roots and other ??

Hi. Please forgive me while I ramble on about my various concerns and queries. This is about my third attempt at caring for a Phalaenopsis and I really want it to work - not die a sad dismal death like the others. I have had this Phalaenopsis for about and year and a half. It was flowering when I received it as a gift and has not flowered since. But it has grown several large leaves. The leaves are a glossy dark green color. I had read that this meant it was not getting enough light and that the leaves should be a mid green color? I have moved it three times and think finally it is in a good spot receiving direct light (but no sunlight) from a East window. It is in a small terracotta pot and I have it resting on pebbles in a saucer with water but not touching the pot. I worry about the humidity as it has a heating duct below it and I live in CT (dry atmosphere in winter) but I am also concerned about keeping it warm enough. Our house temperature is usually 65 during the day and about 70 at night. I realize that this is opposite of what I have read that it should be warmer during the day. No doubt it is a little warmer during the day but since we are not at home during the working week we keep the temperature at around 65. I am also concerned about air circulation. It is on top of dresser near about two fee away from the window. Is this considered ok air circulation - do I really have to think about blowing a fan? One good thing is that we usually have our hudidfier on at night during winter which will help towards the humidity issue I guess. I try to be vigilant watering it every 7 - 9 days and every 2nd watering I use a week solution of orchid fertizer.

About 6 months ago the roots started growing out of the pot. At first I thought it was a response to lack of moisture and then I thought it was because it needed repotting. They are pale green, silvery color and the tips are paler green. They are now extremely long, over the side of the saucer and generally twining around every which way. Should I repot and if I do I know that its likely that the roots with break as they are so long. Should I cut them back and then repot?

Also how do I encourage it it flower? I realize that this generally happens late winter - spring but what prevents this from happening? Too much water, not enough, not enough humidity?? Thanks for reading and any suggestions, hints is much appreciated.

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