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I'm going to try to raise the dead. ;)

14 years ago

I was at Walmart yesterday. I was in the garden section. I thought I was alone. I started to hear this small, faint voice whispering "help me, help me, please help me". I looked all around, but saw no one. I looked under and over. No one. "Help me, please help me". The voice growing fainter and fainter. I looked strait ahead, and there was the display of water plants. "Over here.....please help. I think I can live, if you just try to help me." But I could only try to save one of the so-many. It was a black gamecock iris. When I lifted it up it weakly said "the others are dead for sure, but I think I can live, if you just try to help me".

So.....its in intensive care in my back yard.

Call me a fool. Call me a sucker. Okay. I am both of those. hahaha

I'll let you know just how much of a sucker in about a month. :)

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