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No cuts and bruises!

12 years ago

But I may die from smoke inhalation.

Thanksgiving is over and it was a good day but it was not without it's moments.

It all started when I let Paula Deen come to our thanksgiving brunch. I thought it would be impressive if Paula's ***** Baked French Toast with Praline topping put in an appearance.

I could just hear the accolades when my family tasted that wonderful concoction.

I preheated the oven, placed the french toast and the sausage egg breakfast casserole inside.

The Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's were flowing by then so I had a mimosa or two or maybe more. When the timer chimed out that it was time to take the food out of the oven, I grabbed two oven mitts and opened the door. I was not prepared for the smoke that came rolling out of that oven. The toast had spewed forth at least a pound of REAL BUTTER and my oven was swimming in burned butter fat. (Thank you Paula Deen)

We opened all the doors and started flapping dish towels like a bunch of mad hatters. I haven't had an exhaust fan installed yet nor do I own a simple box fan.

I do have an air cleaner and man is that thing worth it's weight in gold. We finally got the kitchen cleared and hopefully by tomorrow the burnt butter smell will be gone.

The French Toast was really wonderful but if Paula gets

invited to my party any more she is going to have to lay

off the Butter or the Mimosa's or maybe both.

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