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To sphag & bag or not to sphag & bag

16 years ago

Thanks, Mehitable, for all your help. While I was at the store today getting the right orchid moss and the right orchid fertilizer with which to rescue (I hope) pahl, I couldn't help but spy with envy all the lovely looking phals & dend & catts...and bought one off the discount rack. I did poke around in the moss to see how the roots looked to find lots of green dense roots. It was obvious to me it was on the reject table because it was no longer flowering. I got it home and investigated further and found LEAVES below the roots that were covered w/ moss at the store! so it has lots of aerial roots and only a few sad bottom roots. Should I sphag & bag, or repot loosely w/ sphag and hope for the best? Isn't covering leaves w/ medium asking for trouble? BTW - went to the library today and checked out all 3 of the books they have in the tri-county area library on orchids, and they all stink. I don't know what I'd do without you experts.

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