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Is neem oil superior to insecticial soaps and horticultural oils?

18 years ago

Hey all, I have been researching neem oil and some of the products using it.

Wanted to post a question to those of you here as someone on the veggy forum suggested you folks are very familiar with it.

OK, so here is the question. For killing soft bodied bugs on contact does it work at least as well as insecticidal soaps?

Next question: For controlling fungal issues does it work at least as well as milk/baking soda concoctions? Does it work just as well as the mineral oil based horticultural oils?

If your answers are yes to both I would assume neem oil is superior to any of the above products since it has the added benefit of screwing up bug life stages so they can't colonize.

Is there any reason I shouldn't use neem oil and prefer one of the other products?

Thanks in advance for your perspectives.

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