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Airlines miles and my blood pressure (my rant-of-the-week)

15 years ago

Have you ever been so furious you couldn't even remain coherent? That's pretty much where I am right now thanks to United, American and oh heck I'm gonna throw in T-Mobile because they're on my list too.

I won't bore you with details. I'd probably stroke out right here right now if I had to re-tell the story anyway. Believe it or not following is the SHORT version.

I ordered cell phone service through United's Mileage Plus website. Was supposed to receive 5,000 miles. Miles never came, nobody has a record of my phone service order. Yes, I have the paperwork. But United won't do anything until the marketing department talks to me. They said someone would be in touch in 7-10 days (deadline is looming and not a peep from marketing).

Don't these companies talk to one another? All you have to do is go to the website to see what their promotions are.

I'm beyond angry. I have cut my United credit card into small strips. I will never fly United again. I know people say stuff like that all the time. I. Mean. It.

Similar story with American. They offered me 5,000 miles to keep a credit card I didn't want or need. I asked them to confirm that I'd receive miles even if I closed the account? They said yes. I asked them to confirm again. They said yes again. So I closed the account. Miles were never deposited.

Called an American supervisor today. She gave me a spiel about how I closed the account before my billing cycle had completed. This invalidated the offer of the 5,000 miles. No "I'm sorry for your inconvenience." No "Perhaps we can make this up to you." It was my fault that I had no super-powers to know the original American operator was full of #$!!.

I need to vent before I explode and take out the next three towns with me! I think the treatment I've received by both airlines is heinous. I'm out 10,000 miles because of others' ignorance and poor follow-through. And yet, I've been made to feel as if this were all my fault.

Anybody here know if there's a Ralph Nader for frequent flier mileage accounts? Anybody here used Amtrak lately? Perhaps I'll check it out...


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