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Zygonisia Cynosure help

16 years ago

Hi. I just purchased a Zygonisia Cynosure "Blue Birds". I do realize it would have been wiser to know how to grow it first, but it wasn't my first moment of orchid-insanity! ;-)

I have found that it is a Zygopetalum Alliance (Pescoranthus X Zygopetalum) and I found general culture instructions for that group. One thing that concerns me is in that information it says this plant should stay evenly moist.

I have most of my orchids on an enclosed porch (zone 7 TN), receiving bright light all day and afternoon or morning sun. The catts especially are loving it there, cyms seemed happier in the house. Can anyone give me tips on growing this particular orchid and tell me if it is going to fit in with my catts and dends, cyms, or oncidiums? (I'm assuming it will not fit in with my phals?)



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