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What's blooming for you?

14 years ago

I guess it's time for another "What's blooming" thread. These posts are very helpful to show which orchids bloom at different times of the year. Those who are having a slow summer bloom season can look for these hybrids and species which are blooming in midsummer now for others.

I don't have a list of my own ready yet; I'll get around to it. But I know there are lots of collectors here who do. So how about posting them up!

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  • terpguy
    14 years ago

    Haven't seen one of these posts in a while

    Orchids bloom/bud:
    1. Dendrobium Sea Mary 'Snow king'
    2. Dendrobium Pocket love hybrid: miniature nobile
    3. Phal NOID sunset shade
    4. Phal Kuntrarti Rarashati (flowers + keiki)
    5. Cattleya Angel Bells 'Suzie' AM/AOS, I expect to see buds in the next couple days.
    6. Brassavola nodosa

    Non Orchids:
    Stephanotis floribunda
    Haworthia sp.
    Hoya carnosa

  • aachenelf z5 Mpls
    14 years ago

    I rarely look at my plants during the summer,but just happened to notice the following when passing by them:

    Sophronitis cernua
    Brassavola cucullata "Bashor' x Ilgenfritz' (posted a pic in the Gallery)
    Brassavola Little Stars
    Brassavola nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' x 'Largo'
    Encyclia tampensis - in bloom for months now
    Maxillaria sanguinea - same thing as above
    Dendrobium moniliforme - didn't check to see which one

    There are probably others, but like I said, I stay away from the plants until the fall.


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    My phrags/paphs aren't started yet, they usually spike in October. Carol, if you divide that Silver Eagle, perhaps You'd be interested in a trade. I have a couple that will need to be divided. Steve, littlem mentioned a phrag and I saw mention of a paph too. One of my favs, B. Little Stars is finally opening some of it's spikes. I wish I could get this plant to bloom out its spikes all at one time, it would be fabulous. It's a small plant and started last month opening the first of five spikes. It does make it's bloom season long, so that's pleasing. Apart from that one, I only have a few dends just starting, a couple phals still in bloom and a new one starting to bloom. Several more setting spikes. A fav catt Siam Jade is budding, numerous others in sheath but not showing buds yet....things are slooooow!
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  • quinnfyre
    14 years ago

    Nada, but Aerangis kirkii is spiking. It did this weird thing where it shot out individual blooms now and again from the same spot a month ago, but now it's putting out a proper spike.

  • arthurm
    14 years ago

    Not summer here...winter Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    Dendrobium Silver Eye
    Dendrobium Angellene
    C. Walkerinter
    C. Momilani Rainbow
    Blc. Dream Trader damaged by a slug? Such is life!
    C. Maxima
    Show season is about to start. Soon we will have when to bring them inside questions from orchid growers in the frozen North.

  • smwboxer
    14 years ago

    Phal. bellina
    Phal. violacia
    Phal. cornu-cervi
    Mssta. Dark Star
    Psychopsis Mendenhall
    Epi. Cindy
    Encyclia tampense
    Encyclia alata
    Odontoglossum wyattianum (in bud, hopefully opening this week)
    Milt. Andrea West
    Masd. nidifica
    A few other are in early spike. Hopefully something nice will be in bloom for our next orchid society meeting in September.

  • ttkidd
    14 years ago

    Not much. Still recovering from some serious sunburn on many of them.

    Phal equestris is in bloom
    Aerangis mystacidii is spiking


  • Sheila
    14 years ago

    Some nice blooms to help with the 'dog days of summer'

    Psych Kalihi 'Big' with two slooow to open :(
    Bc Little Marmaid. With an incredible fragrance!
    Paph Pinochio
    Tolumnia GentingSunshine
    Zygonesia Cynosure Blue Birds
    B. Little Stars
    Bl Petite Stars
    Large NOID phal
    Paph ???senior moment. It's been blooming for over 2 months. A delanatii primary cross, lovely large white blooms.

  • justplaindon
    14 years ago

    I had a power failure (about 6 days without power with temps in the upper 90's a few weeks ago so a lot of things were either damaged or died. I'm still trying to recover from that "mess". But right now the plants listed on my website are in bloom along with the following that need to be updated.

    In bloom since last webpage update:
    Mexipedilum xerophyticum
    Nanodes schlechterianum
    Phragmipedium Sargent Eric
    Brassavola cuculatta
    Epicatonia Zippy 'Nalo'
    Meiracyllium trinasutum (just about gone)

    In spike or bud:
    Paphinia Majestic (3 nice big buds)
    Schomburgkia tibicinis
    Brassavola nodosa
    Homalopetalum pumilio

    Several Cattleya hybrids with sheaths being formed but no signs of buds inside yet.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Don's Greenhouse - In Bloom

  • counselor4444
    14 years ago

    I only grow phals (18 to be exact) so here's what I have...

    I currently have a Dtps Queen Beer in bloom... but i'm partially cheating because I bought it last week and purchased it in bloom. However, I read on this forum that Queen Beer is a summer bloomer, which will be nice.

    I also have a Phal NOID sunset shade (very lovely) that is on the tail end of it's flowering cycle.

    My Phal Brother Sara Gold is also on its tail end of blooming.

    I have a Phal Baldan's Kaleidoscope in its tail end of blooming.

    I have a Phal NOID with LARGE pale yellow round flowers with light pink center in its tail end of blooming. (has been in bloom since last November!)

  • highjack
    14 years ago

    I did not realize how many are currently in bloom until I started writing. I thought summer was the dull time in orchid blooming.

    PHAL. Princess Kailauni (2), aphrodite, cornu-cervi (3), Sweetheart, bellina (3) Purple Martin, Penang Girl, bellina x lamelligera, venosa, equestris, H.P.Norton, tetraspis (3), Yin's Green Jewel, Gemstones Venus Envy, violacea (3 diff. colors) Hilltops Jewel, Purple Surprise (3) micholitzii (2), fasciata, Joy Spring Venus 'Tina', Carmela's Lion Berry x Krull's Heat, Sogo Grape, H.P.Norton x Krull's Red Mist, Brother Spot 'Sweet', pulchra, deliciosa, kunstleri, inscriptionensis, doweryensis, javanica, celebensis, minus, Jennifer Palermo & 5 NOID's

    BOLLEA colestis, GALEANDRA bauri & leptoceras, PAPHs Annabellchen 'Highjack', Magic Lantern, concolor, PHRAG. wallisii, pearcii, Les Dirouilles 'Told You So', Sedenii 'Bowl of Cherries' Cardinale, Lucy Robbins, Mountain Maid, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Chuck Acker (2), Praying Mantis

    LYC. skinneri alba, guatemalensis, aromatica, deppei, noid, STAN. nigroviolacea, CATT FAMILY Eve Marie Barnett, Intertexta, Morning Glory, Green Veil 'Dressy', Mary Ellen Carter x Frank Gilmore, CALANTHE furcata, BRASSIA girgeodiana, DEN macrophyllum, tangerinum, tobaense, ENC noid, EPI radiatum, BRASSAVOLA acaulis

    MASD. coccinea alba, Veitch's Candy Cane, Sunset Jaquar (2) Red Wing, infracta, Anochecer, Lucky Stripe, Maui Gold, amplexa, Peaches & Cream, Angel Heart, Ted Khoe (2) and herradurae RESTRIPIA trichoglossa

    IONOPSIS utricularioides, TOL. triquetrum, velutinim, ROD. Moon Mist, BULB. lobbii 'Highjack', Sunshine Queen, A-dorabil Candy Ann, obtusipetalum, PSYCHOPSIS Butterfly, krammerianum, noid, RENANTHERA Singaporeans 'Scarlet' ANGRM distichum


  • terpguy
    14 years ago

    LOL that list is almost obscene, Brooke! I can't remember, do you have a greenhouse?

  • cjwatson
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    I've managed to get some time to check and I started with the species which are actually in bloom (I'll get to the hybrids later):

    Angraecum calceolus
    Angraecum scottianum
    Brassavola nodosa 'Mickey Mouse' & 'Minnie Mouse'
    Broughtonia sanguinea
    Catasetum pileatum
    Clowesia russelliana
    Dendrobium leonis
    Dendrobium oligophyllum
    Encyclia bracteata
    Encyclia lancifolia (trulla)
    Jumellea confusa
    Jumellea firthii
    Phal javanica
    Podangis dactyloceras
    Restrepia striata
    Restrepia trichoglossa
    Rhynchostylis coelestis
    Scaphosepalum fimbriatum
    Sophronitis cernua
    Tolumnia velutina
    Trichglottis seidenfadenii (tomentosa)

    Got many more with spikes, but time until they bloom varies.

  • aachenelf z5 Mpls
    14 years ago

    I forgot my Broughtonia sanguinea.


  • jemsta
    14 years ago

    Nada. Had a Dor. chumpornensis with 3 spikes, but the monster that I call my cat reared it's ugly head again... snap went the two biggest ones. It seems to have also taken a fancy to the new growths on one of my cattleyas. Why did I want a third cat again? Maybe it's part squirrel, but judging by its tail it may be closer to a raccoon.

  • margoinchicago
    14 years ago

    I've got blooming:
    Phal. bellina
    Psychopsis Mendenhall (third bloom)
    Paph. Druid Spring (druryii x primulinum)

    In spike:
    Onc. Sweet Sugar 'Emperor'
    Onc. Gower Ramsay
    Epicat.Butterfly Kisses 'Mendenhall'
    Slc. Crystelle Smith 'Eileen'
    Pot. Hisako Akatsuka 'Volcano Queen'
    Pot. Dizac 'Reiko'

    For some reason, Brassavola Little Stars doesn't seem to be spiking yet. The weather has been cool and wet here and has set some of my plants back.
    Don, sorry about your disaster.

  • stitzelweller
    14 years ago

    one Lycaste deppei with two very plump, heavy buds


  • justplaindon
    14 years ago


    Thanks. I think I've lost about 15 plants total including one of my favorites (Epi. ilense...which I need to remove from my "In bloom" list). I've already replaced the Lc. Luminosa that died in the horrendous heat. I probably would have been better off if I had moved everything back into the greenhouse before we had so much rain and cooler temps. Nothing could dry off for about 3 days and the light/air movement under my deck is very poor.

    If your Psychopsis is like mine it will pretty much bloom one flower after the other. One of my spikes has been in bloom (off and on) for over a year and currently has a bloom on it.

    I hope yours recover from your wet spell without any adverse effects also.

    I also finally updated some of the photos of what is in bloom.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Don's Greenhouse - In Bloom

  • littlem_2007
    14 years ago

    this is a good thread and it is timely to bring this up. it is amazing the variety of orchids which is flowering/spiking at this time.
    this is what i have blooming/spiking:
    11 phals,
    1 oncidium wildcat lorena,
    2 vandas,
    1 broughtonia sang.,
    1 blc keowee,
    1 slc rajah's ruby,
    3 noid catts,
    1 miltonopsis mom's choice,
    1 encyclia fragans,
    1 epidengrum thayer,
    1 neo. falcata,
    1 papillon psychopsis,
    1 cymbidium,
    1 masd. marguerite.


  • stitzelweller
    14 years ago

    odd. I forgot to name the one which is the most reliable, year after year. It's also the one which blooms for the longest consecutive time (up to seven months):

    Lockhartia lunifera


  • xmpraedicta
    14 years ago

    I always have a bit of a lag at this time in the summer with no blooms. Lots of spiking goodness this year though, which is always fun. I love these posts cause I can learn about what blooms during these other words, shopping list material...just kidding!...(must replenish phalaenopsis population....)

    In bloom
    Dend Peng Seng
    Dend Dawn Maree
    Dend Frosty Dawn
    Dend cariniferum

    In spike
    Aerangis mystacidii
    Aerangis mooreana
    Aerangis distincta
    Aerangis splendida
    Aerangis rhodosticta
    Aerangis kirkii
    Aeranthes grandiflorus
    Dend delacourii
    Blc. Yellow Bird

  • quinnfyre
    14 years ago

    You found a distincta? Congrats! Where did you end up getting it from?

  • cjwatson
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    I am jealous, Calvin. I ran out to the GH to check my distinctas and mystacidiis for spikes, but no go. The only Aerangis I have which are in spike now are Aerangis biloba, mooreana and punctata. I do have an Angraecum dollii (the one pictured on the back cover of Stewart's book) with two spikes, but they have a long way to go.

  • xmpraedicta
    14 years ago

    CJ - I'm the jealous one - you have angraecum dollii! Where did you find that one? It's interesting that your biloba is spiking...just checked mine and there's the smallest nubbin of a spike coming out, but it's definitely a fall bloomer for me. My previously unidentified punctata growth is also a spike, so I guess I can add those two to the list. I'm actually very surprised I have them spiking - most of them are from an oakhill order back in March, so they haven't even been in my care for a year technically, this doesn't really count as a first blooming for me, I suppose! PS - my cattleyopsis cubensis is completing some growths - didn't you mention that yours blooms in august/september? I think mine might be falling into synch with the more 'natural' bloom cycle...we'll see!

    Quinnfyre - Thanks!! I actually have two now...I got a humongous one from White Oak isn't doing so well - had one spike when I bought it, blasted (as expected), but then made another 2 in my care. Unfortunately, it's also losing leaves faster than it can grow them...grown 2 in my care, and lost like 5. I'm hoping it pulls through. The other one I got from Andy's orchids ... he doesn't list it on his website though. Definitely seedling sized - dropped leaves as well, but is recovering with new roots and leaves. These things are so sensitive! I would check them out though...they also have splendida (gasp). PS - how did those mooreana flasks work out? :)

  • cjwatson
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Calvin, I got the dollii in 2005, the next to last year Malala plants were imported for Redlands by Bert Pressman. It was a cutting, and I have waited all these years for a spike. Actually, I would not be very distressed if it blasted these two spikes -- many orchids do that on their first try. It just feels good to know I have the conditions right for it. This one needs a dry winter rest.

    The punctata is normally an early fall bloomer for me.

    This will be a first bloom for the biloba so I don't know exactly when it will bloom; it may be one of those 6-month spikes, lol. The one spiking came from Oak Hill last summer. My second plant came from a private collector and I don't know the origin.

    I have two distinctas, one from Hoosier and one from Andy. I forget which one is bigger, but irregardless, neither are showing any signs of a spike yet. Someday.

    My Cattleyopsis blooms in February. Hope I can find someone who also has one in bloom about that time for an outcross.

    I am almost done with my hybrids bloom list. Hope to post it up later.

  • quinnfyre
    14 years ago

    It was a modesta flask. The seedlings are doing well. I haven't lost any of them. I thought the one I tossed into my Ang case as an experiment was going to bite the dust, as the roots it had went black, but it's put out some really nice roots already, and it's growing a new leaf. It is sitting completely barerooted on top of some Hydroton. I truly have no idea what I'm going to do with about 30 modesta seedlings. One set is probably getting big enough to start thinking about mounting them, and the other set is still pretty small but growing nicely. (I separated the bigger ones from the smaller ones.) I'm waiting though, until I get my large terrarium going. I've got lots of plans for that one. I'd like to mount a number of the seedlings in there. Then I can decide what to do with the rest.

    I'd love it if my biloba was spiking. It is a great looking plant, growing roots all over the place - some of them are even trying to get out of the case. But I don't think it's spiking. I'll take a closer look at it sometime soon to see.

    If you've had them since March, I'd claim it as a first time blooming for you. Now if you'd only had them since June, that would be a different story ; )

    I was mistaken that I had nothing blooming. Pleurothallis alata is blooming. But it is almost always blooming. Those flowers are so teeny tiny though, it is sometimes hard to tell. I'm quite fond of that little guy.

  • cjwatson
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Quinnfyre, I agree with you about the Pleur alata. Mine is not blooming at the moment, but it is the cutest thing in a 1" pot. I keep a magnifying glass handy.

    Hybrinds in bloom:
    Ascocenda Kathi Holst (V denisoniana x Larry Katz)
    Ascofinetia Peaches (Neo falcata x Asctm curvifolium)
    Bc Star Ruby (B nodosa x C. Batalini)
    Bl Golden Glory (Richard Mueller x L tenebrosa)
    Blc (C Netrasiri Beauty x Blc Waianae Leopard)
    Brassavola Crazyarachno (perrinii x cucullata)
    Brassavola Maria del Carmen (nodosa x flagellaris)
    Bepi Janette Reder (Bepi Pseudosa x B. glauca)
    Bepi Winter Green (B. cordata x Enc mariae)
    Ctna Keith Roth 'Mem. William Fouraker' (C. bicolor x B sanguinea
    Darwinara Charm 'Blue Star' (Neo falcata x Vasc Tham Yuen Hae)
    Dtps (P Ching Her Goddess x Dtps Leopard Prince)
    Epc (C. Angelwalker x Enc tampense alba)
    Lc (C intermedia x Lc Eximia)
    Lc Love Knot 'Blue Icing' (L. sincorana x C walkeriana)
    Lc Luna (L. harpophylla x C. harrisoniana alba)
    Neostylis Fuch's Ocean Spray (Lou Sneary x Rhyn coelestis)
    Neostylis Lou Sneary (Neo falcata x Rhyn coelestis)
    Paph Jade Dragon (fairrieanum x malipoense)
    Phal (Venus x celebensis)
    Renanetia Sunrise 'Penang' (Neo falcata x Ren imshootiana)
    Rumrillara Margaret's Jewels (Ascf Peaches x Rhyn coelestis)
    Rumrillara Sugar Baby (Lou Sneary x Asctm miniatum)
    Vandachostylis (V coerulea x Rhv Claire Florist)
    Vandofinetia White Crane (V sanderiana alba x Neo falcata)
    Vaughnara Grapelade (Bepi Phoenix x C schilleriana

  • terpguy
    14 years ago

    Quite a collection, CJ! Lots of Neo intergenerics.

  • cjwatson
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    terp, when I found out that Neofinetia species don't do well in our long hot summers, I decided to try it's intergeneric hybrids and found that most of them don't mind the heat. I do have two which are not that enthusiastic and need to be brought into the a/c when they start spikes or they will blast. They will eventually be on a trade list when I get around to it.

    I didn't list two plants I got a couple days ago from a friend in S. Florida which were shockingly in bloom in the box:

    Stellamizutaara Red Thompson (Ctna Why Not x B. nodosa)
    Stellamizutaara Florida Sunset (B Maria del Carmen x Ctna Why Not)

  • quinnfyre
    14 years ago

    I take it back again. I do have something else blooming besides the Pleuro. alata. Aerangis kirkii sent up another spike underneath the leaves, and I didn't even see it until lo and behold, one bud bloomed. You can't see it from the top, but if you look from the side, suddenly there it is. This kirkii is crazy. Single blooms have been popping up on and off all summer. And now a hidden spike underneath, a more visible spike on the side, and what looks like the beginnings of a spike off the other side. The obvious spike is coming up from the spot where it has been blooming its one flower at a time, previously. I guess we'll have to wait til next year to decide if this is normal behavior for this one. It's rather interesting, keeps you on your toes, and gives me a reason to pay close attention to it (which I obviously haven't been lately, if a spike could start blooming out of nowhere.)

  • arthurm
    14 years ago

    The following is probably of interest only to Orchidnick. My run of the mill plant of Dendrobium speciosum....shown here with its owner absent....
    was chopped in half three years ago and there is going to be a total of 24 sprays of bloom in three to four weeks time.
    No one knows why this particular species has very good and very poor flowering years.

  • cjwatson
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    That's a magnificent specimen, Arthur. How old is your plant?

  • stitzelweller
    14 years ago


    Thank you, Arthur, for sharing your foto!


  • Sheila
    14 years ago

    Incredible plant Arthur! Congratulations!

  • highjack
    14 years ago

    And is that the famous dragon lady? If it is, shame on you.


  • arthurm
    14 years ago

    The orchid has been in cultivation for a least thirty years and was probably wild collected many many years before that. Easy to grow and flower in the right climate. I get out the trusty, rusty old saw and cut the plant in half when it starts to get too big.
    Interesting that 2009 is going to be a good flowering year whilst 2008 was a poor flowering year. This comment applies to every speciosum around these parts, the good and poor flowering depending on the weather rather than super or non super cultivation.
    Hopefully, the plant(s) will bloom for the local orchid society winter show in about three weeks time. The plants will be unplaced in the Den. speciosum class because flower shape is more important than lots of flowers.
    People in the photo are local orchid society members.

  • cjwatson
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Arthur, the good and bad years are not necessarily alternating, are they; good, bad, good, bad, etc? Is it random, where they can be two years bad and one good, then one good, two bad, etc? Curious what can be affecting them.

  • cattleya17
    14 years ago

    Well i am So happy i checked back in here at Gweb. i always love these! Especially since i get to contribute this time

    1.Ascocentrum Ampullaceum
    2.Vanda Waianae Lemons
    3.Lc. Drumbeat heritage(4 sheaths)
    4 Dtps. Tzu Chiang Orange'Carribean Sunset'
    5. D. Ampai isis X D. janya orange baby
    6. B. Little Stars
    7. Slc. Jewel Box Scherazade
    8. Laelia Purpurata Var Carnea
    I am soo excited!!!!! thats almost my whole collection!