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quick opinion about lights--T5 or T8?

17 years ago

i've been reading the posts about people with the same deliema but wanted opinions for my specific situation

my orchids are in my room where there is virtually no light from the windows. currently i am growing under 4 T8 bulbs (32watt each) and 2 CF bulbs (the spiral kind, 23watt each). i will be expanind my grow area, so this time around i can either stick to T8s, or try T5s.

would two T5s, 55watt each, match up or even surpass what 4x32watt T8s put out? people have been saying that the wattage tells me the output, that would mean the 4 T8s are brighter, but other people swear that T5s put out per watt


so you think i should stick with T8s or get some T5s for a change?

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