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Organic pesticide arsenal

11 years ago

I have a 30' x 45' vegetable garden with lots of different vegetables. I have tried my best at companion planting and I inspect the garden regularly. Everything looks pretty good.

However, I have many pests that I need to control regularly and I was wondering what the best organic "pesticide" arsenal is recommended.

Here are some of my most abundant pests: aphids, caterpillars & slugs, cucumber beetle, flea and Japanese beetles, white fly, and now possibly a vine borer on my pumpkins.

The only pesticides that I've been using on my garden are: slug traps, garden dust, diatomaceous earth, pepper/garlic spray, homemade soap spray, and hand picking.

I haven't used BT yet. I don't want to hurt butterflies but I don't have any specific plants to attract them either. But the dill will be up soon...

Are these ok to use in an organic garden and are they effective? Is there something different that I should add to my organic arsenal? Thanks!

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