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I don't like it but am not sure why

13 years ago

There is a bill in the Nebraska unicameral that if it passes will allow horse slaughtering plants to reopen. They were closed down in 2007. There is a large horse slaughtering plant in North Platte that is owned by Belgians, the name of the plant is Equinox, a nice play on words I think. It operated for over 25 years killing thousands of horses and packing them as edible meat, all shipped to Belgium. Understand that the meat was reshipped to other European countries from there.

Now I've eaten just about every kind of meat from goat, beef, pork, lamb, coon, possum and even rattlesnake but for some reason I just can't get used to the idea of eating horse. Maybe it is because as a kid I worked behing a number of them and had to take care of them when we were through for the day. Wiping them down with a burlap sack if they were sweaty and currying them to keep their coats in good condition. Never felt about them as a pet like a dog or cat but suppose I almost honored them for the work they did for us. They were absolute essentials on the farms before tractors they some would say are noble animals. Not sure about that appelation but just don't like the idea of opening the slaughtering facility again.

I guess on the other hand it did employ 30+ people with good paying jobs but that right now is the only reason I can think of for it's existence.

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