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Peach trees getting ready for winter

12 years ago


I would like to know how your peach trees are hardening for winter? What is situation in your peach trees for winter? I meant do your peach trees have leaves still or have dropped some leaves or has it dropped all leaves yet?

Mine White Lady peach has 1 leaf i think, it didn't much leaves when i got it and i doubt it will have leaves this autumn, which is good thing i think beause winter is coming. Some leaves might have been dropped in shipping time, i don't know. Frost peach is in full leaf. It has not lost it leaves yet. It have same leaves which it got in summer. When peaches do drop their leafs?

I saw U.S.A. got snow last week in Maryland, New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania area. I have not got snow here yet. So i don't panic, but i am thinking of this... winter is coming in northern hemishphere. Now is november and days start to be darker. Day length is declining in other words. I think that should be put peaches to dormant. I meant plants should recognize darkening days and go dormant. We have not got cold nights lately, i think lowest was -2 celsius same what was in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A. in this autumn. So perhaps mine peaches have not got too cold yet. I thought i planted little late mine White Lady peach, but i think i got lucky that our weather has been quite warm after i planted peach tree, not many cold nights here. It has been now 4 weeks after i planted mine peach tree. I think it helps mine peach tree to harden for winter, i don't know but i think that way using common sense.

So tell us how your peach trees are getting ready for winter. You can also tell other parts just than leafs, but i think that will be obvious one because peaches drop leafs for winter. I just added more books to mine Books of peaches messages. Maybe here is some new people who haven't seen in it before. Those was not book but bulletins i put them there still. For some reason it didn't popped up here, but here is the link for it :

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