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slide show web site of plants please

14 years ago

I know this may not be the right place to ask,

but Maybe one of you might know.

Im not going to be using the computer much latly, MAybe just for looking through free cycle,

but I wouldn't like TO know if anyone has a web site that has a slide show Of plants to help Identify more plants.

One that mentions the names.

I figure If I sat down to eat or somthing I could watch It,

and right down the plants names I Seen before Or wouldn't mind obtaining the seeds

Oh i'd be nice to have one without any clicking on hte computer

since I'd be doinf somthing, and My hands would be full

I'd Prefere one that isn't a slide show of house plants, but Id still be interested I think I found one of those.

What forum here would be a good place to ask this question?

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