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New Adoptees, What Are They (dracenae and ?)

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My neighbor ran out on her lease and left another elderly neighbor to clean up. I helped a little bit, mostly in finding and moving out 9 neglected plants, and maintenance will be unfortunately tasked with the rest (she was a bit of a hoarder, and the elderly neighbor is a bit stubborn but has finally given up). I adopted these two, a snake plant, and a mostly dead christmas cactus that's already perking up just from being given a cup of water and light. The rest were 5 corn plants which I placed on my building's share table so they can be adopted by other people (2 did immediately get a new home). If any remain tomorrow, I'll take them to one of the secondhand stores that accepts plants. I'm risking problems with my building if I take in many more plants above the ones I already have (3 aloes, 1 5' FLF, another snake, marimo balls in a jar, aquarium plants..and temporarily, daffodils).

I need help in identifying the variegated plant (its green and light green, in case that isn't obvious) that I think is a type of prayer plant, and if anyone can confirm that the dracaena (luckily it still had its store tag) is a dragon tree? Thank you for any help!

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