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What is a good root stimulant when planting bare root blackberry

13 years ago

Next week we're going to be planting 500 Natchez bare root blackberry plants we're buying from Boston Mountain Nurseries and want to make sure we provide every possible luxury for them to succeed. We've worked their 1500 linear row feet for the past 6 months by retilling it every month or so to minimize any grass/weed growth. We've taken a soil sample and brought the potassium level up to where it should be. The PH is at 6 and the phosphorus and major micronutrient levels are all in great shape. We also added some quality compost to the rows 2 months ago so it would have time to "cool". My question is this. Should we soak the bare root plants in a watered down B12 mixture prior to planting or does it really make that much difference? Is there some other product that would do a much better job?

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