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New Sod is turning yellow

11 years ago


I am new to the forum and am hoping someone can provide me with some guidance. I had new sod laid in my back yard to replace a lawn that my 2 dogs (Rottweillers) killed with urine spots. I cannot recall the type of sod that was laid down but I was told that it is a type that does well in swampy areas and cannot be over watered. I live in NJ and have a very sandy type soil. For the first month that we had the grass we watered it once daily at all times of the day for about 30 mins to 1 hr. After a month, we started watering it every other day or 2-3x per week. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that some of the grass looks like it is covered with a white film or powder looking substance. In some areas it looks blueish. I also had 3 spots that were covered with what almost looked like hardened dog throw-up but I know my dogs did not throw up on the lawn because they are only let out in a certain area. When I tried raking it out of the grass a reddish brown powder/smoke filled the air. I was told by our neighbor that it was a fungus or mold. Since then, the grass has turned yellow in patches (about 40% of the lawn). The grass that borders my deck and patio has also all turned yellow but I think that may be because my sprinkler has a hard time reaching that area. I am wondering if the fungus is what killed the grass and if there is a way to safely treat it being that my sod is only about 2 months old. I also have a lot of tall weed grass (i believe it is called sedge grass which is also usually found in swamps) popping up. Is there a way to safely get rid if this. I already made the mistake of spraying round up on a paved walkway that goes through an area of the grass which killed the grass the borders the walkway. I was told that I am going to have to re-seed that area. Does this sound about right? Also, the sod has not been fertilized since it has been laid and we are holding off until the summer is over as we don't want to burn the grass. You also may find it helpful to know that we have absolutely no shade in our back yard. I know I have a lot of questions but I am a newer homeowner and know nothing about lawn care and would like to learn. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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