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Need help turning Garden junk into indoor Folk Art

15 years ago

My niece in Brooklyn doesn't have a garden. I was thinking of giving her a plate flower anyway for Christmas. She could stick it in a house plant right? But now after seeing the junkified site from another thread, I was thinking it would be cool if it was a self standing piece of art! Any thoughts on hwo to do this? I could make a new one with out my pipe fitting backing if necessary. and it would be much shorter than the garden ones I think.

Here are my thoughts, chime in please! Some sort of s cool base that my current but shorter conduit could fit into. The back of the plate could be glued to something flat but what? I keep wanting to glue mine to a flat sided bottle but where whould that get me? It could be hung up or displayed like people do plates but I dont' think she would liek that.



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