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Lawn Boy 8238AE Running rich

16 years ago

Last year, my 8238AE started running real rich, even with the mixture screw turned all the way in. My son noticed that it was spitting out of the carburetor. I reasoned that it was running rich because it was drawing air through the carb twice. We checked the reeds, and they looked fine. I had my son pull the muffler to check the ports and he found the lower crank seal was leaking oil and one of the ports was about 1/2 closed. We cleaned out the ports, replaced the seal, replaced the spark plug, and it ran much better, but I had to keep the mixture screw all the way in.

This year when I started it up, it ran lean (I had to keep pumping the bulb to keep it running). I fattened up the mixture screw about a turn out and everything was fine....for a couple of weeks, then it got rich again.

I changed the float. The old one did have some scuff marks on it. No help. I adjusted the float lower so that the primer would barely work, and also cleaned out the air cleaner element. Very little help, still rich (the mixture screw is all the way in). It leans out a little when you remove the air cleaner, but it's still rich, and power is way down. It's still spitting lightly out of the carb, but that's way reduced now.

Now a new thing has happened the last couple of weeks. On a cold start, it's real rich for about 5 minutes, then slowly leans out enough to run almost normal, but power is still low.

I read on this site about cleaning out a clogged muffler. Does this sound like it might be the problem? How about the top crankcase seal? Does it cause problems?? Anything else I missed?? Compression feels normal when you pull it over and it kicks back when you shut it off.

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