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questions about scott weed control and a pre-ermgent

14 years ago

ok so here is a quick rundown of my issues. new home built last year, tif 419 laid down around last october... i applied lesco 0-0-7 with .86% pendimethalin pre-erm when the dogwoods where in full bloom but my yard has a pretty good bit of poa annua. ive been bagging to try to keep the seeds out but like the next day there are a billion more seeds on the stalks. i know they are a prolific seed bearer. just laid down more tif about a month ago and now out of nowhere alot of crabgrass is coming up in it. so i sprayed image with msma three days ago and gonna spray again in the first part of next week to try to kill all the crabgrass. i do have a bunch of other weeds im trying to contend with too. i live in a subdivision and noone else cares about there yards so i think thats where all the poa came from.

ive read on here that several people have been using scotts with weed control and seem to be having good results anbd was curious of more peoples experience with this product....... my understanding of this is that u wet the grass and the little weed control granuals stick to the weed.... is that correct? and is this preemergent any good? when should i put down more? i know with poa im gonna put down prolly twice towards the late fall and early winter and once more early spring to try to control the poa better... my soil test suggested 8lbs of triple 13 twice a year with straight nitrogen when i wanted more growth but if that scotts works i may sub that in instead of nitro once a year or so as needed.... anyway sorry for the lengthy post...just trying to get all the info there and get the best answers. thanks for all of ur time

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