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New Tall Fescue in NC seems to be going limp

13 years ago

Hi folks, this is my first time posting here and first time planting a new lawn. In early april I cleared a 2,000 sqft area, tilled it to 6 inches, added compost and topsoil, lime, fertilizer, then compacted seeded and covered with light straw. The seed was Rebel shade variety tall fescue. The area I planted is fairly shady. The new grass sprouted at about 10 days and came in very plush and fairly thick - better than I had anticipated. It went to about 4-5 inches and I mowed (about the 3 week point). Now, there are areas that are growing really well - thick and straight with thickening blades. There are some patches - 10sq ft or so - that seem to be excessively limp and tangled without the spryness of the rest of the grass. I am trying to figure out if this is a bad sign or not. There was one small area like that where the grass just went limp and died and it is now essentially bare. I couldn't see any obvious fungus, but not sure what happened. My watering schedule was 2x daily until the first mowing, since I have been doing once daily of fairly heavy water, but there have been no puddles. Could I still be over watering, especially in light of the shade? Any advice would be greatly appreciate. I anticipate that if the limp areas stay that way, they will die and I will be left with a very patchy lawn until I can reseed in the fall.

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