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Ideas for Low Maintenance Landscape Fruit/nut Trees?

I have a strip area along the side of a long driveway. This area tends to be very dry, particularly during the summer heat spell. The lawn grass does not thrive in this area. I can try to water a few times the first year. But clearly this is something I do not want to do.

Here I'm looking for ideas for low maintenance fruit or nut trees. The trees would be medium sized, not the chestnut or walnut trees, too large. Also, no high maintenance trees, like cheery, apple and pears.

So far, I'm thinking of native American persimmon, American hazelnut, Mayhaw, crabapple....

The american persimmon looks nice interesting. I do not know if the birds would get most of the fruits. Not sure if the fruits should be thinned or get messy when dropped.

I heard the nuts from American hazelnut trees are smaller. And the squirrels would get the nuts before we humans do. I can live the smaller nuts, but do not want to pick just 10 to 20 nuts per day, having to walk some distance.

Mulberry is too large and the fruits are messy along the driveway.

Jujube trees are nice. But it is hard to find cheap trees, unless I can grow from seeds.

Maybe some good taste small crabapple (or similar) should be considered.

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