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Low Light Houseplant with a twist

12 years ago

Hi There!

I'm new here and I have PLENTY of questions and pictures to share, but I wanted to start off easy (not having to post pictures). I have seen many discussions about low light houseplants and they've helped me narrow down my list, but I wanted to run my ideas by some experts. ;)

My bedroom has one small, south-facing window. It is, however, mostly shaded by the roof of the front porch right outside. On top of that, we currently have no heat in the bedroom and probably won't until next summer. We make due with a space heater (placed next to the bed and across the room from where I plan to put my potential new "pet"), but the temp does drop down to just above 50F sometimes.

To top things off, in the summer we put in an air conditioner which blocks out most of the little light the window receives. I plan on putting the plant right next to it on a dresser, but I could buy a stand to put under it if that would be better. It would get indirect light for most of the day in the winter, but in mostly darkness in the summer. I would love one that I could bring outside in the summer to lower the risk of killing it with darkness. Other areas of the house aren't really an option due to a VERY bad cat (a different post altogether).

Okay, I'm rambling. Sorry about that. I just wanted to give all the details and see if anyone could suggest a plant that could live in those conditions. I have a couple of Pothos already in another room. I'd like something new. I've done a lot of research and I'm leaning towards a Dracaena Marginata, Chinese Evergreen or "ZZ Plant". I also wouldn't mind a new Snake Plant. Had to get rid of mine due to the rascally cat. I'm pretty much open to consider any kind of plant. I'm getting better and better with my houseplants, so it doesn't have to be a beginner plant...but it probably shouldn't be an "advanced" either. I figured a consesis from people who actually grow these plants was the best way to go! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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