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Please help me identify these pears!

9 years ago

Hello, I'm new here and have a question about my pears. I've lived at this house for 2 years and have been picking about 65 lbs of pears off a mature pear tree each year. Last year (2012) I picked in the first week of October, and this year I picked yesterday, Sept 10th.

I took a couple of these pears into my local nursery last year when I picked them late in the season and they told me they thought it was a Bosc pear tree. After doing some research I have to disagree, because the harvest time is too early for Bosc and the color isn't right. However, some of these pears do take on the deep rusty color, but they are few..

They have a wide variety of shapes, from round and fat with no neck to the typical pear appearance with a pronounced neck. The color doesn't seem right for a Bartlett either. These pears are primarily green with 1/3 to 1/2 of its surface area covered with that rust appearance that Boscs get over their entire surface. Straight off the tree the pear has a crunchy flesh with a grainy, sweet flavor. They ripen to be soft and sweet.

Since I was told last year that they were Bosc, I followed the deep freeze process and ended up losing about half the harvest when they thawed and rotted. So, based on what you fine people come up with as to a brand of pear, can you help me with instructions on proper ripening (freezing? letting sit on the counter? combination of the two?)? Thank you ahead of time!

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