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why is my dracaena janet craig dying?

16 years ago

Please help?

At the beginning of August I cut the stalks of my Janet Craig pretty dramatically so that I could fit it in my car and take it home from my office. One of the stalks browned out from the top down, and I eventually removed it from the pot and considered it dead. Now it looks like one of the other stalks is doing the same.

At around the same time as the big chop, I unpotted the plant and filled in the bottom of the pot with more soil (it had previously only been half full). I used what I had - a mixture of cactus and african violet soil. My thinking was that the AV soil would retain a small amount of moisture while the cactus soil would provide good drainage.

I haven't watered it at all since chopping it, since someone on this forum advised withholding water until new growth appeared.

It's in a fairly low-light area. There's a south-facing sliding glass door about 20-25 feet away from it, and a north-facing picture window an equal distance away.

What are your thoughts? It was showing signs of starting to sprout new growth before this started happening.

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