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Why is almost everything looking bad in my NEW raised bed??

10 years ago

I am reposting this from the Florida gardening forum. I don't know if it's very active and I'm kind of desperate before I pull all my plants for fear of this stuff spreading:

My husband and I started a raised bed over the summer. We have planted in a 9 x 3 1/2 bed: Sweet peppers, Okra, Roma toms and 5 other varieties of tomatoes (for a different post). We made the bed 2' tall, dug into the ground and mixed mel's mix to the top, then mulched. I have attached pictures, and you can see that basically ALL of our plants have yellowish / dead spots on them. We have sprayed with BT on numerous occasions for armyworms, Neem oil thinking it would stop the yellowing, fish emulsion for growth, and most recently compost tea that was to the T ready to be spread. Is this blight, and should I pull all effected plants, or could it be something else? We are researching daily, following the threads on here, and basically staring at the plants like they may fly away if we're not careful enough. I dream about them. What do you think?

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