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Ailing Dracena 'Lemon Lime'

11 years ago

Hello! I need your expert advice... I have had my dracena 'lemon lime' for approx 10 years. It has grown to a height of about 3ft but at least 2ft of it (the bottom 2ft) is just completely brown, wilted and dry leaves on the stalk. I now know (after reading this forum) that I need to mist it daily, don't overwater it and keep it out of the sunlight to avoid this happening. However, regarding the damage already done, is there anything I can do? i think I read somewhere once that the entire top (green part) of the plant can simply be cut off and the stalk put into a bucket of water until it forms new roots. Is this correct? Can anyone please advise me on this - I don't want to kill the poor thing, but it looks so forlorn right now I want to do something. Or should I strip the brown leaves off the stalk? Thanks, in advance.

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