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PICS -Thanks Mike and Al and others who help

13 years ago

I just wanted to post a few pictures of my trees I took today. I will be the first to say my trees don't look perfect. However, they are not declining anymore and some are really improving. What has made the difference??? Great help from some super friendly and supportive folks on GW, 5:1:1 mix, Foliage Pro, vinegar added to my water, spraying with fish emulsion and water.

It has been over 100 degrees here every day for several weeks and my trees are in the full hot sum all day.

First is my Ponderosa Lemon - which now has lots of blossoms, green leaves, and new growth. This tree had two main branches when I got it a couple of months ago and the leaves were not as green. The white specs on the leaves in the photo are not bugs. They are from the blossoms.


This is a Meyer Lemon rooted cutting. It has gone from having 5 leaves to now sporting 15 leaves in a very short time.


This is the Meyer Lemon tree that caused me to join the forum. So, as much trouble as I have had with this tree - I thank it for inspiring me to learn. It lost most of its leaves. I pulled off 11 of the 12 lemons to help it along. It had pests like crazy and I was over-watering it. I know it is not real pretty but I love seeing leaves that are not yellow and every day that a leaf does not drop is a good day. I am waiting anxiously to see some signs of new growth.


This next one is my Mandarin. It had been dropping lots of leaves and had signs of spider mites. Not anymore. Yippee. I am seeing new growth ready to pop.


This is my Mexican Lime tree. It has tons of new growth and two limes on it. When I got it a few months ago every leaf on the tree was dull and curly/deformed. Silly me, I thought that was how it was supposed to look. The new growth is so pretty. A few of the old leaves got sunburned last week as this tree gets the very most intense sun all day.


Thanks again to all who visit the forum and share what has worked for them and offer an encouraging word to those of us who are learning and thanks to all who ask questions too. I really appreciate each person who has taken the time to correspond with me in such a positve way on the forum.


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