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Pin Cherry as rootstock in multigraft sweet cherry + pin cherry t

14 years ago


[Planing on doing a multi-graft native + cultivated (European) cherry tree: native Pin Cherry as rootstock]

1. If allowed to grow as a shrub/instead of pruning away the suckers and growing as a single-trunk tree, how wide and tall does a mature Pin Cherry grow; or is it that it always, eventually, becomes a tree? Some sites say it is a nearly 15' tall shrub; some sites say it is a 30' tall tree.

2. I was thinking about forgoing getting a 3-in-1 on a gisela-5 rootstock, and, having read of a GW member by the name of Konrad's results, growing a single Pin Cherry shrub where some of the stuckers will have Lapins, Rainer, Mont., etc. Prunus avium sweet cherries. Since I want the Pin Cherry to grow and not be pruned back like a typical orchard tree, will the fruiting be somewhat good compared to a 10'w x 14'h pruned 3-in-1 dwarf-rootstock situation?

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