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Patty Pan squash dying on vine (before flower blooms)

11 years ago

They started off great, but I'm having serious issues with my patty pan plants. First, I've had issues with little green bugs (leaf borers?) and might still (I keep getting black lines under the leaves sometimes.)

My flowers started coming in, along with the little baby plants, and I was thrilled...but over a week later, the little baby squash are dying (only one actually reached around flowering state) and NONE of the flowers have actually bloomed. They grow, look like they are going to, then die off. Could this be the heat? It's gotten close to 110f here on some days, although it's closer to 100f most of the time.

I was growing these as a treat for my mother, so I'm really bummed that they are fizzling out on me. Any ideas?

Thank you!

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