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yucca elephantipes needs (desperate) help

17 years ago

Hi everybody,

I am a newbie gardener & this is my first post to the forum (mostly because my questions already got answered in some previous thread!). Here's a scenario that I don't *think* has been presented yet:

I just rescued a yucca elephantipes by the elevators, that looks super sad. How can a newbie identify it? Because whoever tossed it, also left a very convenient ID tag in the pot!

It's about 1.5ft high, with the main trunk lopped off & two little branches that are coming off the sides. One of the branches has a green shoot, the other, well, had this brown stuff, that I lopped off. Here is my main concern: the branches are very soft & soggy/squishy to touch. I don't think that's normal... is it?

Also, the soil doesn't look like it's been changed in some time (there's mushroomy things growing from the bottom hole of the pot), & it looks like the pot tipped over at one point because there's a big chunk of soil missing with exposed roots. The soil also looked dry so I gave it a some water before I noticed the soggy branches.

So far I've kept it out of direct light, and was planning on transplanting it to a new pot with new soil (Miracle-Gro potting soil + extra perlite).

Any more advice? Should I even bother with the plant, or just take a cutting to root, or does it sound too far gone for even that? Any guidance would be appreciated :)

For context, I live in a balcony-less, south-facing apt in nyc that happens to get tons of sun b/c not too many buildings get in the way. Can't say that was the case for the previous owner of the yucca...

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