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Lucky bamboo leaves turning yellow

17 years ago

Long story short i got some lucky bamboo for my birthday, I have had it for a few days and now the leaves are turning yellow. When i got the plant and did some research and i have been: keeping it out of direct sun lightand letting the water sit in an open container for 24 hours or more to let the harsh chemicals diffuse out. The only obvious problem at this point is the plant was in soil so perhaps it it getting to much nutrients or the rotts are starting to rot. I took the plant out and washed off the dirt and the roots did not appear to be brown mushy and looked like many i have seen in pictures online so i think that eliminates rotting of the roots. So now that everyone is all caught up what can i do to return the plant to its normal state? I want to make it a all water plant and i have seen many conflicting methods on to raise them in water. How do i go about it without causing anymore damage to the plant? thanks

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