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My Easter Cactus (new) looks sick

15 years ago


I posted a pic a few days ago of this new EC I got. It is loaded w/blooms & buds. A lot of the buds have opened but I am a little concerned about the plant itself.

It's limp and hanging on the rim of the basket. One segment looks almost like it's wilting. When I gently lift up on the segments, to stand them up, they go right back down when I let go of them.

I haven't watered it, it had plenty of water when I got it. When I noticed this happening yesterday, I took it out of the pot and sat it on newspaper to get some of the water out of the soil. It's in a basket and sits in a shallow plastic drip saucer.

It had a plastic support ring inside the plant to hold it up, but like a dummy, I took the ring out cuz it looked like some of the leaves/segments were squished in there.

I have it setting by an east window so it gets some direct light for an hour or so then I pull the sheers to filter some of the light. When it isn't in direct sun the flowers close up, which is normal.

Is there something else I can do for this plant? Could the drooping be b/c of all the weight from the buds/flowers? Please help if you can.

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