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Neighbor needs to down-size her Dracaena 'Janet Craig'

14 years ago

My neighbor has a huge Janet Craig. It's up to her ceiling and she wants me to cut it, and/or root the top when it's warmer and I can do it outside. I have never done this procedure before on such a tall plant and need some help.

From being on this forum all these years, I believe where a cut is made on the stem, new leaves will grow just under where the cut was made, right?

Can the roots be left alone and not pruned if the stem is cut halfway back?

The top of the plant looks to be almost as wide as the middle, so I wonder if I should even attempt rooting it, unless, I get rid of all the leaves at the top and just root the bare tip??? Like, 7" or so?

The leaves are long, a foot or more, but there might be a few smaller ones now that could stay on. I would have to look at it again since I haven't seen it all winter.

Has anyone done this on a large Janet Craig?

Thanks for any information!

Billy Rae

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