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Casting a mold of a concrete cannon

18 years ago

I have a decorative concrete cannon barrel I wanted to make a mold of. This would be my first time trying to make a mold of anything! So please bear with me.

It's about 3ft long and about 7" diameter at it's widest point. The barrel is somewhat hollow, it looks like there was a 10"-12" piece of PVC put inside to keep the shape. My question is:

How would I make a mold from this cannon so I could make some more out of concrete? From reading the forum here, I think silicone would not cure. I thought about coating with rubber, but it might be too flimsy? I dont know. As far as the durability of the mold, I don't want a "one shot" mold, (no pun intended), but I only need to make a few barrels for around the house, so It doesn't have to be a top of the line mold. Also, price is a BIG factor, the cheaper the better. Any ideas would be appreciated.

P.S. The original has some pitts in the concrete wich actually adds to the rustic look, so a not so perfect mold could be a viable remedy. Thank You.

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