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How much to water apple trees

11 years ago


I am just looking for a little advice. My apple trees have been in the ground 2 years now. I watered them a lot the first year and almost none last year as we had a ton of rain last summer.

This spring has been very dry here in southern Michigan. I judge my tree watering needs by the condition of my lawn. The lawn looks like mid july already starting to go dormant so I have been hand watering my apple trees once a week with a deep watering. Anyway, just wondering how much to water until we get some rain.

1. I have 10 trees in my little orchard all been in the ground 2 years. This will be the third summer.

2. Should I hand water really deep once a week? More? Basically I spray the hose around each tree for about 5 minutes each. Is this enough?

All of my trees are in pretty good shape. I would really like to pay a lot of attention to them this year in hopes of putting on some nice growth so I can hopefully get a my first crop next year. I did get a few flowers this year but they were all killed with our late frost. Leaves seem to be in good shape though.


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