Looking fo advice on variety of pear tree planting

8 years ago

Just joined-1st post. Have 4 Maple trees that are interfering with power lines in boulevard and must be removed. My City will replace 2 trees at no cost. I am attempting to get a 3rd tree provided by the Power Co. that will no longer have to absorb the expense of "v-ing" them out every 4 yrs. One of the options from my city is the Clevland Pear(supposedly power line friendly). I've read some BAD reviews of this variety on this site. HOWEVER, would it be a good enough cross pollinater for a more acceptable variety in my yard? If you were in MY situation, what would you plant in the yard? (Gotta tell you, the last 2 properties that I owned, I wanted a producing pear tree on - but never got around to planting one). Would appreciate any/all advice.

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