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Pumpkin varieties for compact space and/or low sun

14 years ago

Hi all,

One of my housemates would love it if I could grow pumpkin, but we have such a tiny little space that gets sun, I can't let some wild monstrous pumpkin vine swallow the whole thing up. I hear tell of things like 'bush pumpkins' that will remain reasonably compact like a zucchini- does anyone have variety names I could follow up on? Also, what sort of yields might I get off these plants?

The other option is to grow a traditional vining/run-for-the-hills pumpkin, and train it up the side of a shed & onto the shed roof where it can go wild, but that spot won't get much more than 4-5 hours of sun- is that going to be enough to set fruit?

Looking forward to pestering you for with more questions as I plan my first spring garden in this very big, very neglected sharehouse backyard...


(p.s admit it, it's fun when the Southern Hemisphere gardeners are planning their spring plantings as you're winding up your summer harvests, isn't it?)

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